• Meditation Neutral Yoga

Neutral Yoga offers a variety of classes.  Some days you may want a more active class, like open flow, and some days you may want to rest in restorative class.  Our gentle class is a healthy mix of longer held stretches, standing poses, and restoring poses.  Practicing yoga increases your awareness of your thoughts and patterns, and allows a chance to develop discipline, compassion, and increased connection.  Everybody can benefit form the practice of yoga, starting exactly as you are now.

Open Flow

This class is open to all levels & is a wonderful balance of strength and flexibility. You will create greater awareness and connection with your body & mind and leave feeling amazing.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle classes include meditation, pranayama, asana and end with a restorative pose before moving into savasana. We take our time getting into the poses using a lot of props to enhance the experience. Everyone loves a gentle yoga class.  You will leave feeling stretched, grounded, restored, and inspired.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is yoga for the joints. Consisting of floor postures that are held passively for up to 5 minutes or longer, Yin yoga relaxes the muscle to get to the connective tissues.
It teaches us to accept our limitations (physical, metal, emotional).  Challenging us to remain still and steady, it invites one into a meditative state using the body.
Our Yin Instructor, Sandra, is certified and specializes in Yin Yoga.


Restorative yoga utilizes props to set your body up in a way that allows it to be fully supported so you can experience deep rest. It’s a sweet and nourishing gift to yourself.  Taking a break from life’s demands can still your body and quiet your mind.  This encourages letting go of stress and releasing into calmness. You will leave feeling renewed and centered.

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